Incredible 1975 Honda CB200T Built by Slipstream Creations

A 1975 Honda CB200T isn’t exciting because it’s fast. In fact, I would hesitate to take it on any road with a speed limit over 60 mph. Around town, however, they make great commuter bikes. They’re famous for steadfast reliability, and, perhaps, best known for their sporty, café racer aesthetics. These things still hold up – even after 43 years. And, this build by Slipstream Creations must be one of the best examples of what a little bit of time and expert attention can yield from these machines.

The concept was to create a café-brat hybrid that’s simple and clean, but also has a ton of style and is fun to drive. To that end, pretty much everything is massaged in one way or another. And, some of the work is so subtle that it doesn’t immediately stand out.

Things like the custom paint job, front and rear fenders and exhaust are just the tips of the iceberg. A custom battery tray was fabricated to free up space under the custom seat pan, the headlights and taillights feature custom mounts and are outfitted with bright and efficient LEDs, the custom subframe and rear hoop match the lines of the tank perfectly. The carbs were totally rebuilt and all wearable parts (seals, bearings, and ignition) replaced to make this thing perform just as good as it looks.

Impressively, all work, including design, fabrication, and restoration was done in-house by Slipstream Creations. There’s definitely some talent over there as evidenced by the extreme attention to detail on this bike. And, as a full-service design and fabrication company, they can accommodate any other needs you may have beyond motorcycle restoration. Their gallery is full of interesting projects ranging from coat racks to coffee tables. We’ll be sure to feature more work from them in the future, and we look forward to seeing how they evolve.

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1975 Honda CB200T Café-Brat Side

1975 Honda CB200T Café-Brat Handle Bars

1975 Honda CB200T Café-Brat Front Right