Supercharged 1975 Ford Bronco By Velocity Restorations

Something good had to come out of 1975 and thanks to the wizards at Velocity Restorations, this ’75 custom Early Ford Bronco is one of them. Let’s face it, 1975 defined wimpy in America. The top three music artists were Captain & Tennille, Glen Campbell, and Elton John. But then the boys at Velocity got their hands on this Bronco.

Like a high ride? This Bronco sits on 33” tires giving you a great view. But you don’t drive a Bronco for scenic qualities. Under the hood is a Coyote 5.0L Crate engine boosted by a Whipple 2.9L Supercharger. With that much muscle, this Bronco can lay down 500 horsepower which is channeled through a 4 Speed 4R70W Transmission. This ride got punch!

And this ride has some trail cred as well. The chassis sports front and rear sway bars, long arm front suspension, leaf spring rear suspension, Wilwood Disc Brakes with Hydraboost, and a 9 Inch rear axle with a DANA 44 front. Let’s see, 500 horsepower, 33-inch tires, what are the odds you’ll roll this thing? If you know what you are doing, none. But in the off chance you do, Velocity has installed a custom fabricated 6 point roll cage. This ride just reeks of fun and adventure even if you’re just parked in the grocery store lot.

Finally, you just can’t beat the quality fit and build the guys at Velocity Restoration put into each of their projects. This truck is spotless. The PPG paint job is eye-blindingly beautiful. Buttery black leather covers the restored original seats, front-and-back. Night navigation is enhanced by the custom JW Speaker LED headlamps. Are you vertically challenged? Velocity has installed power steps to make getting in and out of the beast easy.

The only thing missing from this pumped up classic Ford Bronco is an eight-track player and a complimentary copy of “The Best of Fleetwood Mac.”

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