Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure

I’ve used a lot of tape measures over the years, and, like most tools, some are excellent and some are terrible. Milwaukee is one brand, however, that consistently makes a high-quality product that performs well in most situations.

In fact, their magnetic tip model has been my goto tape measure since its introduction. Its sturdy construction, abrasive resistant coating, and smooth action make it a joy to work with every day. I’ve put it through hell and back and it still performs like new.

Milwaukee’s new STUD model looks to match that quality with a few choice upgrades thrown in, like a new blade coating and reinforced frame, to improve durability.

The new nylon blade coating is called Exo360 and is applied to the entire blade rather than just the top or bottom. According to the marketing material, this coating not only protects against abrasion but significantly strengthens the blade helping to prevent bends and brakes. A demonstration from the company even shows someone firmly stepping on a doubled over blade and retracting it without issue.

The fully reinforced frame is an update to the already robust 5-point reinforced frame system of previous models and rated for drops up to 80-feet.

I always take Milwaukee’s promotional material with a grain of salt since they tend to overhype things a bit. Initial reviews, however, are positive, and, considering my past experience, the new Milwaukee STUD tape measure should be an outstanding product.

Everything else looks par for the course including the wire form belt clip, finger stop, and top-shelf hook. In the future, I would love to see a magnetic or autolock version.

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